Thursday, March 11, 2010


I think its time to count my blessings again. It's been a long while since I've actually put them into any of my thoughts.
1. I have a loving husband and two wonderful children.
2. We're all pretty much healthy and happy.
3. I have a loving extended family.
4. I'm trying to rid myself of negative people. So far 3 are gone but they're relatives so they're not really gone. I've just decided not to allow them to rule my world.
5. My son will be going to a brand new school after Spring break. No not a new school actually but a new building. Our little town approved and built a brand new middle school.
6. My daughter has improved in Math. She's still failing but she's improved. I'm so proud of her. She has a learning disability in Math so its a big plus when she improves.
7. I know no matter how pissy I get about my brothers and sisters they'll always catch me when I fall, fail or flounder.
8. I can say pretty much the same thing about my online Mom friends. Thank you for letting me vent and worry with ya'll.
9. My Mom is doing well in spite of all she's been through this year.
10. My Dad is still alive. He may not know us at times but we sort of still have him. There's glimpses of the old him every now and then.
There's 10. I can't believe I got to 10. There's probably more if I think about it but these will do. They're the most important ones to me anyway.

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