Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

Today was the first day of Spring break for my kids so I planned a day trip for us to have some fun. I invited my brother and Mom to go with and he said if I put gas in his car he would drive. I agreed to it because his car is bigger and a lot more comfortable. Well, the first place I had wanted to go was the Billy the Kid museum in Hico, TX. Unfortunately its only open Thursday through Sunday so we didn't get to go there. Well I told my brother I wanted to head south and see what we come across on the way. He didn't go the way I wanted and we just ended up driving all day. I saw several places to stop but he wouldn't stop. Pissed me off to no end. It was such a wasted day. We ended up coming back home through Austin and I mentioned we needed to eat lunch and yet he would not stop anywhere in Austin or Round Rock or even Georgetown. He kept saying where should we go. Oops, there's not an exit. Stupid doofus wouldn't get on the service road so we could go somewhere. We ended up about 20 miles from my house at a mexican restaurant. It was good but we have mexican food all the time it seems. We just had it on Saturday. We passed so many good restaurants in Austin that we don't have here but noooooooooo he wouldn't go to any of them. Next time I'm just loading up the kids and just me and them are going. I didn't say anything to my brother because he would have gotten mad and we would have just ended up at home that much sooner. I really wanted to take my Mom somewhere for her to enjoy. While we had a nice time talking and joking in the car its still not what I planned for my kids as a day trip. :( Maybe Wednesday afternoon we can sneak off somewhere fun. I just didn't want to go just me and the kids. It's always just me and the kids. This weekend we need to go and see my Dad so we won't get to do anything with Chris when he's home. I'm just pissy about the whole day being spent in the car and nothing to show for it.

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