Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello Weekend!

I'm starting the weekend one day early. I can't take any more of this week. My week started getting bad last Saturday when I had the breakdown over my Dad in front of my Mom. From there on it only got worse. I got sick Saturday night and went to sleep at 6 p.m. and didn't wake up until 8 a.m. Sunday morning. Nothing but a lovely chest cold at that point. Even though I slept 14 hours the night before I still needed a nap on Sunday afternoon. I slept so hard and long that I didn't get laundry done or dinner made. They didn't starve and ate freezer food. I tried to get into see my Doctor on Monday but she was all booked except for an appointment at 3:15 which didn't work for me because the kids would be home and off the bus before I would be so I didn't take that appointment. I didn't want to see another doctor in the practice either. I mean, I'm sick, I want my doctor who knows me and who knows that I'm not often sick but when I am it's a doozy. Still thought I just had a chest cold at this point but my ear was starting to ache. Wake up Tuesday and realize I've got an ear infection. I thought I had one on Monday too but thought maybe I could get into the doc's office since it was a Tuesday. Called and she's booked solid for 2 weeks. I could see another doctor though. No, I turned into a total baby. I want my doctor, I WANT my doctor. If the guy would have told me on Monday that she was totally booked for almost 2 weeks I would have thought to maybe get my brother come to my house and be there when the kids got home but I wasn't told so....Anyway, I asked them to have the doctor call in a RX for me for an ear infection and finally at 3:00 on Tuesday I got the call back from the nurse that it had been done. At that point its too late to leave and go and get them since the kids are almost due home from school. Do I need to mention that I slept most of Monday and Tuesday away too? Wednesday I got the ear drops and came home and started using them. I'm not 100% with the pain yet but its starting to ease and I'm feeling much better with my chest cold. Pretty much over it except for a nagging cough that isn't constant. Then Thursday comes. I had a good day. Didn't need much extra sleep but last night right before bed I started getting a sty on the lower lid of my left eye. Hmmmph.....I have an eye doctor appointment today (Friday). Wouldn't you know its just my luck? I hope he can still do the exam because I have to have my eyes dialated and making sure Chris can be there is hard since he never makes it home at the same time on Fridays. I think he'll be able to. My eye just looks like I got sucker punched a little. If I come home with a RX for glasses I'm going to and order me not one, but two pair of glasses. I'm going to get transistional lenses on one pair and hopefully both pair should cost less than $100. That's an awesome price considering the normal price for one pair of plain glasses with no frills usually cost me between $300 and $400. Anyway I hope tomorrow (Saturday) doesn't bring me any new surprises health wise. I'm done with all this crap!

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  1. Yikes I hope this next week is way better for you!!!