Wednesday, October 20, 2010

and again

Another crappy paycheck. The person who is screwing up my husband's paycheck better be glad I can't get ahold of her. She'd definitely know the right way to get it done if it were me training her. We can't afford these mistakes. At least I don't have to figure out how to buy tires or a water heater this time but still money I was counting on being in the bank isn't in the bank because of a mistake made in the payroll department. All I know is that if Chris screwed up more than once he'd have been fired or demoted at least. Hopefully it'll get straightened out but still there's no cash in our pockets in the meantime. At least I don't have a huge grocery list this time either but it sure would have been nice to pay all the bills that I needed to pay.

Update: Duh...I forgot that Chris's partner took off an extra week instead of just two. He was out one of the two weeks on this check because he thought his Mother was going to pass but she pulled through. So, this check is that week and the next week Chris did only drive the first shift. The next check will be another week of first shift but should have this week with 2nd and 3rd shift on it too so it'll be closer to being normal. I just will be holding my breath on the 2nd check of November. It's Thanksgiving and we've got to have gifts for Jessie and Nicky for Christmas at least and travel money to go to MIL's house then for sure. She's coming here for Thanksgiving. We don't get to see her very often as it is and I'd hate to not get to go for Christmas and she be without any family then. She does have somewhere else she can go but as long as we can physically go to her she shouldn't be alone for that holiday.


  1. can you go over her head and complain?? that is just getting to be ridiculous ... she is messing with your finances! ugh, I'd be livid and in someone's office asking for CASH

  2. I wish we could do that Diane. Being in a government job they won't give us cash and they won't cut an extra check either. Chris is supposed to ask about that part though I doubt it'll happen. Hopefully this lady will be taken out of this job now that she's messed up twice.

  3. ugh, that just annoys me. government job doesn't mean that you're the last to get help ... or at least it SHOULDN'T