Monday, October 18, 2010

Long Time

gone. I haven't had much to say lately. We finally got a new water heater and Chris put it in really easy. I know I should have more faith in him but when it involves electricity I get the heebie jeebies. My Mom said I got shocked when I was 6 months old from putting a bobby pin in an outlet. I, of course, don't remember it but every time I have to plug something in or mess with electricity the hair on my arms stands on end so somewhere deep down inside I remember it I guess. LOL. We're planning to go and see my Dad on Saturday the 23rd. Chris is going too. Don't know if the kids will go or not. They love seeing Grandpa but its really boring for them to sit up there and listen to the same old stories over and over. The company Chris works for is changing our insurance over in January. So far I think our family doctor accepts the new insurance but I'll find out for sure once I get the info on the new plan. I'd hate to change now because she's been our doctor since Jessie was a year old and knows the whole family inside and out literally. My sister Cheryl has even started going to her. I think she's that good or it could be I'm just that comfortable with her. She's about 4 years younger than me and her 2 kids are right below mine in age so when I call up and say I need this or that she usually just sends me a prescription. The kids did great with their first report cards of the year. Jessie seems to be getting Math a little more this year than in the past. So far so good. Dad is doing okay. He's so skinny but he's hanging in there. He has a ton of stuff wrong with him and nothing has happened lately so I keep waiting to hear something about him. I've been having lots of dreams about him too. Not comforting ones but not really scary ones either. My brother Patrick isn't doing well. He and Dad seem to take turns with their health except Patrick doesn't have dementia at least. We survived the last three months financially somehow. I don't know how we did it and managed to have food but it worked out somehow. I hope that part of the year is over for a long while. I can handle one crisis at a time usually but 3 in a row was a little much for me. Chris just lets things roll of his back but I guess since I'm the one worrying about it he doesn't need to. Hopefully I'll be back sooner than two weeks this next time.


  1. come back when you need to :)
    I love the new look, by the way!
    insurance changes suck. I sent an email to our old doctor telling him how much we are going to miss him. I'm still really bummed but he gave me three references ... three that I haven't already nixed in my head, so I am a little hopeful. I really hoped he would say he could somehow manage to keep our family on. didn't happen.
    hope the rest of the year goes smoothly :) no more issues!!

  2. I hope one of the 3 recommendations from your old doctor turn out to be a great doctor for you Diane. Thanks for the compliment on my background. I still have a little tweaking to do to it. Orange is my favorite color if you haven't figured that out before now. LOL.

  3. me too!

    orange is beautiful, I wish it went with purple for more than just halloween :)

  4. Oh I think it could go with purple besides for Halloween Diane. Just need to use probably lavendar and salmon-ish type colors. Even the bold orange and purple could be okay depending what is done with it. Proof of that is in nature when the bluebonnet and indian paintbrush fields are blooming together every spring.