Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank you Angel.....

and not the Christmas variety. An angel I know is paying my parents electric bill of $675.97. My sister Cheryl had made payment arrangements and had my parents listed as critical care so she would only have to pay about $200 or $300 a month instead of that huge amount but all of the sudden TXU said she had to come up with the huge amount and that my parents weren't listed under critical care. I know who the angel is. I won't ever tell my sister Cheryl who it is. If the person involved wants her to know they can tell her. All she's getting out of me is that I'm the go between. I just hope she can keep up now with it all. Its too much for her to have all the financial responsibility on her shoulders but there's no way I have that much extra. I'm lucky to not have any overdrafts each month. Thank you again Angel.


  1. An Angel indeed! Isn't it wonderful how amongst all the doom and gloom in this world there are still people like this around? This is a wonderful tale and yes, just in time for Christmas and perhaps it might just spur a few others of us to open our eyes and our hearts to others in need in situations like these. Karen, thanks for sharing this with us and good luck with your parents. Hugs.