Monday, November 23, 2009

This Is My Daddy

This is my Daddy. Robert is his name but he's always been called Bob by everybody he knows and meets. Well, except for his Mom. To her he was always Bobby even when he got to be in his 50's he was still Bobby. My Dad hasn't passed away but we have lost him to dementia. It's an ugly disease of the mind. I don't wish any family to go through this. It breaks your heart and then your spirit to watch your family member go through it. We're just going through the early stages of it with my Daddy but he had to be admitted to the local VA unit for extended care because of it. He more than likely will never come home. I'm handling it pretty well but my middle sister isn't. She's the one that lives with my parents so its been a really heart rending and terrible experience for her especially. I miss my Daddy even though he's not really gone. As one friend put it you miss the man he was. I do. I really do.