Monday, November 30, 2009

Thank God for Answered Prayers

We got a completely different diagnosis on my Dad today. Thank God. He'll need longterm or comfort care as the VA calls it. Apparantly the Temple VA doesn't handle dementia patients well and the doctor there thinks its easier to scare the crap out of families by saying they only have a week to live and suggesting hospice care for them. Oh I so want to tell that doctor off. At least he isn't his doctor anymore. Everything will be handled at the Waco VA for my Dad from his labs to his daily oral medications. He shouldn't be going back to the Temple VA for anything. Icing on the cake is my Dad asked for a shave and a haircut today. I can't wait to see him. I hope someone emails me a picture of him. I'm sure he'll look a 100% better with that scruffy beard and long hair gone. He's still got the cellulitis infection in his legs and has problems with his right side but he's going to be with us for a little longer than we were told at least. Thank you God for answered prayers!

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