Monday, May 24, 2010


I think I am. Just one week and a few days until everybody in our household become night owls. That's right. Summer is just around the corner for us. I don't know who's more excited about school being over for the year the kids or me. Jessie is officially a 6th grader despite her failing math every semester. She missed it by just this much though so considering her learning disability with math it really means she did very well to just fail by that little bit. She did pass the math TAKS test so that's why the ARD committee decided to go ahead and pass her to 6th grade. I don't want her to be passed ahead just to be passed but holding her back for this and knowing its an actual learning disability is different than if she were just a normal student who wasn't trying. Her other classes are all on grade level or a little above and she was given a small IQ test where she was determined to be an average person of intelligence. I'll take average intelligence. It's her personality that makes her who she is anyway. I mentioned to the committee that well so she won't be an accountant when she grows up but they threw back at me that maybe she'd be a writer then. Okay, I know my girl has an imagination but now I'm wondering what the heck she's been saying or writing at school. They didn't act like it was anything bad so I guess I'll just look forward to her future and see what she turns out to be. Nicky is passing to the 8th grade. I just can't believe he's in 8th grade. It just seems like he was a baby yesterday. He's at the other end of the spectrum from Jessie. He came home with awards for A/B Honor Roll and an Outstanding in Science Certificate and never even told me it was Awards day. In fact, I'd never seen the inside of the new middle school until we went to his Band concert last week. All I saw then was the Cafetorium. (I hate those!) Why not just build an auditorium when building a whole new school? Doesn't make any sense to me either. Nicky plays the Baritone. It looks like a small tuba. He really enjoys it. Jessie thinks he enjoys Band so much so that she's decided she wants to do Band for her elective in 6th grade too. The Band director let her try the Flute and the Clarinet and asked her which she liked best. She chose the Clarinet. The director told her good choice because its an instrument for people with long arms. Yep, I have a monkey girl. Her hands are already bigger than mine too. If she's not going to be tall I'll be very surprised. Nicky too. Both are already even or past me in height. Course I'm only 5'4" but I wasn't anywhere near their heights at their ages. Thank goodness for tall grandparents. They'll both be at the middle school this next year and then Nicky will start high school the year after that. I don't even want to begin thinking about that yet. Sidenote: After a cooling off period of a few days my brother and I are all good again. I was hoping it would be okay and it was. It helped I was able to get my emotions all out here though. I've opened my blog back up for anybody to read again. I just needed a few days of being paranoid I guess.


  1. YAY for summer! glad to hear the kids are doing well and SO happy you and bro are good :)

    we are looking forward to summer here too. falyse just got a note home that homework is done for the semester - woo hoo! I was getting a headache about 2:30 every afternoon because if that - lol.

    enjoy the last few days of school, Karen ♥

  2. Thanks Diane. Glad to hear you won't have the homework headache any longer either. Just about 4 days left for us......not counting the weekend. LOL.