Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kids Names

I saw on another blog out in blogland that someone explained the meaning behind her kids names. Since its Mother's Day weekend it seems like a good time to explain about my kids names too. First though happy Mother's Day to all my Mommy friends and family online and off in the real world.

Family names are a really big deal to me. You'll see why as you read below.

Nicky is 13 so I'm sure he's about to become just Nick soon. His whole name is Nicholas Jay Harold H*****t. The Nicholas was picked out by Chris and my sister Kelly. Chris said he always wanted a kid called Nick so I went with it since I didn't have a boys name picked out for him. The Jay is Chris's middle name and his father's middle name also. Harold is after Chris's grandfather Harry H*****t but I didn't want to go with just Harry since kids can be mean when it comes to some names like Harry. Chris's grandfather was Harry Christopher H*****t. Chris is Christopher Jay after him and his Dad Delbert Jay. As big as I am on family names there was no way I was going to name Nicky Delbert. Maybe he can use it for one of his sons as a middle name when he has one.

Jessie is 11 and I think she'll always be Jessie even when she's a little old lady. Her whole name is Jessica Ivy Jo H*****t. The Jessica is after my grandfather on my father's side. He was Jessie Elbert P******s. The Ivy is after my grandfather, yes I said grandfather, on my Mom's side. He didn't have a middle name so he was just Ivy P****n. The Jo is after my Mother-in-Law who is Betty Jo H*****t. I think I made my Mom jealous by naming Jessie after my Mother-in-Law but she got over it. She already had a niece named after her and I think Ivy Jo sounds good together.

If we would have had a third I think I would have gone with Mathidy. It's pronounced Math-i-dee. It's a boys name and a tragic one on my Mom's side of the family. Mathidy was my grandfather Ivy's older brother and he was accidentally shot with a 22 rifle when he was 13 or 14. No one has ever used that name in our family since. Since there's no way I'm ever having another baby I think I'll try to encourage my kids to use it for one of their own in the future. If they don't it won't upset me though. Who knows though how baby names will be by the time they're grown. We might be using a number system by then. LOL.

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  1. I love your kids' names :)

    Happy Mother's day, Karen ♥