Sunday, May 16, 2010


That's an eye roll by the way. My brother sucks! I'm so upset with him right now. Our family is on Facebook. A lot of the extended family on my Mom's side is too. Well, I made a family group page that is closed to the public so that we could post more private things that don't need to be all over Facebook. I really wanted my Mom to be able to talk about my Dad to her family without worrying about who else could read it and today she actually posted on there that she saw him and that he was in a good mood. I was excited for a little bit. Anyway, I started a Scattegories type game there and my brother proceeded to answer with a whole bunch of answers and not give anybody else a chance to answer so when I started the next letter I just asked that no one answer more than once in a row to give everybody a chance to play. He IM'd me on Facebook and told me to remove him from the group. I told him no that I'd just delete the whole group. I found out I can't delete the whole group without removing everybody first and I don't want to do that. There'd be a lot of questions and its better to just leave it up instead. Then he said this smartass is leaving Facebook. I told him I didn't call him a smartass and then he said he didn't say I did. Okay, so that remark was just like slapping me in the face then. Why say that remark if it has nothing to do with me? I told him I just asked to take turns so everybody could play and he told me I replied during the game. I didn't. I started the game and then changed to the next letter. He didn't give anyone a chance to respond after my one Aunt responded. I deleted the Scattegory discussion so there's no chance of that happening again. It just pisses me off because he knows how important it was to me that we have this family group page. I feel my Mom's family drifting all apart and I miss the closeness I had with all my cousins growing up. I think my brother is just mad because he couldn't control everything on there. I'm going to enjoy him not being on Facebook I think. There's times when he's jumped in on conversations with friends of mine that he has no idea who they are. I won't miss his abrasiveness on there that's for sure. He loves to be mean when he's talking to you in person too and then turns it around and says he's joking. I'm tired of it and I've been wanting to tell him off for a long time but because of what my Mom is going through with my Dad I haven't. Now, I doubt I'll get to talk to my Mom or my sister very much since he's always the one to answer the phone. So I guess I've lost my Mom and everybody now for sure. I keep telling myself I did nothing wrong. I just wanted a chance for everybody to have fun on there. What's funny is I know he'll still be going on Facebook under my Mom's and sister's pages so I can't even trust a conversation with them on there that its not really him. His loss right? Then why do I feel bad? I guess its cause I'm the eldest. I hate being the eldest sometimes.

**Edit** I got on Facebook this morning like always. My brother is back on there. I think he has his settings so I can't see him on there. Fine with me. I didn't do anything wrong. Just asked he played fair and apparantly he just can't do that anymore. I only noticed because one of the pictures someone else put on had him tagged and it was in blue so that means he's not off of Facebook. He'll get over himself eventually. I'll be here when he does but I'm not going to fret myself over him anymore. He's a grown man and should be able to handle himself as such. The only thing worries me is not seeing my Mom.


  1. so sorry Karen ((HUGS))

    maybe you can have lunch with your mom and talk to her about it? family is such a struggle sometimes ... maybe he just needs time to cool off and get over himself.

  2. Thanks Diane but to get to my Mom I'd have to call and he answers every phone call that goes to the house. I'll just let it go and they'll call me when something's needed. We'll see how long it'll take before its all better. What's bad is we were all invited to a birthday party for a little girl who's Mom we all have in common as a friend and he will be there probably. We'll see how far he takes it.I know its not me simply because I've had a lot of my Mom's relatives say how they hate to call my Mom's house cause he answers the phone. Even with these people he goes overboard and he shouldn't.

  3. that's just wrong, and sad that your mom is missing out because people don't want to deal with him. maybe it's time for mom to get her own phone ;0)

  4. My Mom is very hard of hearing now since her stroke two years ago Diane. She doesn't always hear the phone ring but has a cordless in her room for when she does. Besides, technically, it is her phone and not his. The only phone jack in the house is in my brother's room and that's why he always answers the phone. It's just been about the last 6 months he's gotten so weird. I know he's in a lot of pain from his back being screwed up when he had that staph infection in his back but I'm just finally to the breaking point on him using that excuse for jumping on people. I'm just going to jump back at him from now on. I'll talk to my Mom but just not this week. He'll be the one squirming as far as I'm concerned. If he doesn't answer the phone and I can't get in touch that way I can always call my sister that doesn't live there to have my Mom call me. Like you said he can just get over himself.