Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I didn't go and see my Dad this past weekend. My brother Patrick took my Mom and sister Cheryl up and dropped them off on Sunday. He hardly will ever go in to see my Dad because he feels like he's a trigger and that he being up there will make my Dad want to come home. I had told Cheryl I would take them but I like to go in the morning and they wanted to go at lunchtime because the nurses told them that they could bring him a hamburger and fries for lunch. They said he ate every bit of his burger and almost all of his fries. I think they're planning on doing it again next week too so I don't know if I'll go then or not. We'll see. Chris wants to take the kids to see Clash of the Titans this weekend. With Ironman 2 out that one shouldn't be crowded at all. We'll probably see Ironman 2 in a few more weeks. Chris is one to always go and see a new movie a couple of weeks to a month after its released simply because he doesn't want to be in a crowded movie theater. Yet, heaven forbid we go to the dollar show and catch one we missed. Doesn't make a lick of sense does it? LOL. My Mom had a great doctor visit on Monday. She was in a wonderful mood and she and I got a lot of talking done. I told her about that last message from my niece Amanda and the bit about having help to buy a car and she told me that they did buy a car for me but they didn't. My Dad picked up an El Camino and I did drive it but my brother Patrick told me in no uncertain terms that it was HIS car. I've told my Mom that before but of course she doesn't remember so I let go of it. Then she told me that they made monthly payments to someone for some other old Buick I owned. Yeah they did from money I gave them each month for it but she was bound and determined it came out of their pocket. Nope. It didn't. I let go of that argument too. I know the truth. No one ever helped or bought me a car. I always took care of my own in that department. Anyway we got a lot of talking done which she can't do at home because she doesn't want to upset Cheryl and Patrick just knows everything so my Mom doesn't feel she can speak freely around him. I don't mind her getting stuff of her chest to me it just leaves me with nowhere to go with anything and there's times when I don't need to know the stuff I know. Sometimes I hate being the eldest.


  1. I so get that, Karen ... ALL of it. my parents and I don't remember things the same way and my brother's take on it doesn't even come close to resembling any of it (I often wonder whose house he grew up in).

    glad you could be there for your mom, I'm sure she appreciates it.

  2. My brother Patrick is like that too Diane. He was the bully brother growing up. Nothing bad but still according to his memory now he never did anything wrong. I was out to keep him in trouble with my parents is what he's said over the years. @@ He also thinks my memory of things is wrong because there's no way I can remember things that he can't remember. I'm 18 months older than him and pushed to grow up faster than he was cause I was the eldest. Of course I'm going to remember more simply because I was older but still according to him there's no way that could be.