Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A certain company needs to hire a better human resource manager. You'd think their time would be important not to mention my nephew's time. All they had to do was read his application and they would have known from the get go he was unhireable. @@ If they didn't trust what he wrote down why not run a background check before calling to set up an appointment for an interview especially when you then tell said candidate for the job that he is unhireable based on his background check. @@ It's stupid the way they handled my nephew's interview today. They had to have looked at his application more than once since they not only called and left a message on our home phone but then called a few hours later on my cell phone to talk to him. @@ My eyes are going to roll right out of their sockets today. I get why they couldn't hire him. I just wish they would have done some checking up first before their time, his time and not too mention my time was all wasted. @@


  1. ugh......sometimes I wonder why THOSE people get paid so much for the so called "jobs" they do!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your nephew!!!

  2. Thanks. I'm in a better frame of mind today than I was last night. Hopefully something will happen for him eventually.