Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Warning! Vent Ahead!

Thar she blows!!!!!!!!!

Just blah! I'm getting to the hopeless stage. It'll go away. I'm just worrying too much about everything. Stupid partner called Chris on Friday having the nerve to complain about how small his paycheck was. @@ He better be glad it wasn't me that answered that phone call. Then when I dropped Chris off at work yesterday stupid partner was up at work turning in paperwork and tried to catch up to me in his car so he could wave at me. That's what he usually does when I'm around. I just ignored him. He doesn't want to talk to me right now. Too bad he's an idiot and doesn't look past his own paycheck to see that we're in a bind right now. I guess he just can't figure out that if his paycheck is small then maybe :::gasp::: ours might be too? Chris will just not get a new partner. I have no idea why. It's almost like he enjoys working less and having me worry more when stupid partner pulls this every year. We've had a couple of good fights over this crap this time too. Nothing that'll break us up but I won't back down ever when it comes to this idiot causing money to be lost out of our pocket and not from Chris being sick or not working hard. Anyway, vent over. I had to get it out.


  1. Vent away! Money problems are so stressful.

  2. Thanks Cyndy! I'm in a much better frame of mind now than I was a few days ago. It helps to see ya'lls replies about said partner and his so called health issues.