Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

It was a really nice weekend. We just stayed home mostly and did odds and ends and nothing much at all. Got caught up with laundry, watched some TV, played games on the Wii and ate some really good grilled chicken and ribs. I made a trip to the grocery store yesterday but got to stay in my pj's all day today. I can't remember the last time that happened.

We picked up the truck from my Dad for my nephew to use so I'll be getting to stay at home again which is really good what with the kids getting out of school on Tuesday. I could just see me hauling nephew around looking for jobs and having two whiny kids along for the ride. Add to that our temps are already in the low 90's and it would not be a fun time for any one of us.

Except for going to my MIL's house for the 4th of July for about 4 days we don't have any vacation or day trips planned for the summer. I'm going to take the kids to the library once a week but that's about it. Hopefully we might be able to afford a couple of trips to Summer Fun Water Park but I'm not sure since its $14 to get in. Time will tell on that. If we can at least afford nephew and the kids he said he would take them. He had a good time last week when we went for Nick's band class. They rented the park after it closed and it was a good time for sure.


  1. dont you just love those lounging around in your jammie kind of days!!!

  2. I'm hoping we can afford a few decent, simple get-aways this summer too Karen!

  3. If gas keeps going up it'll be nearly impossible to do much of anything. I hope ya'll get to go and have fun Cyndy.