Friday, May 15, 2009

First Line Friday

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FIRST LINE FRIDAY...First lines have always intrigued me since I heard an author say that writing the first sentence is, by far, the most difficult part of writing a novel. The reasoning was that a first sentence can make the reader continue reading or cause the book to be tossed aside.So, go to your To Be Read Pile, choose as many books as you want and share the first line. Be sure to include the title and author so that if your reader also finds it intriguing, they can find the book.Also, share your thoughts about the first line. Does it draw you in? Is it...exciting...thought provoking...scary...funny?
Today's book from my TBR pile is Southern Gold by James Alan Vitti. It's a story about people looking for Civil War gold hidden by Southerners. Reminds me of the story line of the movie Sahara. Maybe this novel is where they got the idea for the movie?
Gavin Duke sank back into the plush VIP seat, licing his chops for the show that was about to begin.
Well, okay then. It makes it sound like he's waiting for a girly show to begin. I'm not sure what era this book is set in but its still an intriguing read hopefully. LOL, I'll find out soon enough.

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