Friday, May 1, 2009

Thanks Kathy. :)
FIRST LINE FRIDAY...First lines have always intrigued me since I heard an author say that writing the first sentence is, by far, the most difficult part of writing a novel. The reasoning was that a first sentence can make the reader continue reading or cause the book to be tossed aside.So, go to your To Be Read Pile, choose as many books as you want and share the first line. Be sure to include the title and author so that if your reader also finds it intriguing, they can find the book.Also, share your thoughts about the first line. Does it draw you in? Is it...exciting...thought provoking...scary...funny?
I found a great place to get books. Goodwill. The one I go to has paperbacks for 99 cents and hardbacks for $1.99. I was in hog heaven when I came across them the other day. Mostly they're older books but I sure haven't read every book ever written so its all good in the end. Also, you never know where you'll find a new favorite.
Today's book from my TBR pile is Love @ First Site by Jane Moore (pub. 2004).
Cuddly, Ferrari-driving 38-year old, GSOH, travels extensively with job, WLTM fun-loving woman and see where life's wide open road takes us.
LOL. What the heck is a GSOH and a WLTM? I guess I'll find out. This story is about a girl who's friends sign her up on an internet dating site. It should be a fun read at least.


  1. I'm so happy you're doing this! Thanks!

    Great first line but I'm with you...GSOH and WLTm...huh?!?