Thursday, April 7, 2011

Family Drama........Take It Away!

My sister Cheryl has been very, very ill. She started feeling horrible on Friday but the symptoms started on Wednesday. She said that she felt like she had hurt her tailbone that day. She thought that she had just plopped on the floor too hard when she was playing with the kids in the family. They had planned to go and see my Dad on Friday but while she was at work she had a knot come up in a very akward area and was in extreme pain. Patrick and my Mom were just leaving to go and get her after work anyway so they took her to urgent care. Turned out they thought she had an internal staph infection between her hoo and her haa. Yeah, TMI but not graphic at least. They sent her home with a RX for an antibiotic and Vicodin. Come Saturday evening she's crying and crying and the Vicodin isn't working very well for her at all. Get her to the ER around 7:30 p.m. and they put her on an IV drip and stout antibiotics. They decide she needs surgery to drain the knot and do a small incision but deep. She feels a little relief and we get sent home at 4 a.m. with the same RX's she got from urgent care. She gets through Sunday and said she feels a little better but come Monday about 6:30 she calls an ambulance to come and get her. I finally get up to the ER and she's losing her mind from the pain. The first doctor to look at her basically says suck it up about the pain and that they'll give her stronger stuff in the ER and more antibiotics but she'll probably be sent home again. Well, she really loses it after that. She's laughing histerically and mumbling to herself and scaring the crap out of me. I marched my not too happy but pain free butt up to the nurse's station and told her my sister is out of her freaking mind from the pain she's in and I really need to speak to her doctor. They call him and he comes out and says that either the culture they took from her on Saturday/Sunday was no good or was slow growing because they still weren't positive if it was staph or something else. He said they'd definitely be keeping her because her white blood count was at 20 so something was definitely wrong. It finally got as high as 23 before the night was through. They did another CT scan of her pelvis and groin and found out that the infection had grown since Sunday morning and was into her muscle and that's why she was in so much pain. They decided to give her morphin that night and do surgery the next morning on it. She did okay in surgery but when they tried to wake her up they had to get very agressive with her. Finally they had to slap her awake. She said she didn't see any lights but it was really quiet and peaceful wherever she was and that she was pissed when they finally got her out of it. This was Tuesday morning. She finally got out at lunchtime today (Thursday). Her white blood count was almost back to normal and she was finally fever free. She said that if she hadn't have had that bad pain she would have thought she had the flu. Turns out she has some kind of long winded STREP infection. Thank God Cheryl was healthy because if my Mom or Patrick who aren't that healthy would have been the ones that caught this I'm sure we'd be planning a funeral. I just hope God is through playing with Cheryl right now because her stress level is off the chart. My stupid family wouldn't even let her be sick this week and she's been in the hospital. My niece found out she's about 3 to 4 weeks pregnant. It's not a happy, happy situation because it was basically just a couple of days romance that got her that way. While I'm not happy that she's pregnant from it this way I've decided I'm not going to be a negative ninny and worry what brought her this baby. She'll be 26 when its born and was told she only had a 30% chance to get pregnant anyway. She has a tilted uterus and only one kidney so who knows how her pregnancy will go. I'm still holding my breath for her. My Mom, Cheryl and Patrick handled the news better than I thought they would. They're like me. We can't change how she got that way so there's no use being hateful to her. My sister Kelly is another story. She's so upset that she's pulled Phillip from being kept by my Mom and brother and put him into daycare. The thing is she was going to put him into daycare anyway and is using Amanda's pregnancy as an excuse to do it now. She took Amanda to work this morning but called her a "stupid bitch" about getting pregnant. Okay, that's fine but don't express your opinion on the way into work. Time and place Kelly. I mean I basically told Amanda the same thing but since I was a "stupid bitch" too I can get away with it. Kelly has been trying to get pregnant with her 2nd baby for about 5 months now. She's jealous pure and simple. She told Amanda that there was no way MOM (my Mom) could keep Phillip and a baby. Well, gee, she didn't even ask Amanda before saying that because I had already told her that I would keep her baby in exchange for her coming and cleaning my living room and kitchen once a week. The girl can clean and likes to do it so I felt it was a fair exchange. Besides, Amanda's baby isn't even due til early December so pulling Phil from my Mom is nothing but spite on Kelly's part. I'm trying to stay out of it but I'm guessing we won't be seeing Phil or Kelly and Anthony (her husband) anymore after this. Kelly holds grudges and she definitely will not be bringing Phil to see any of us any time soon I'm sure. Hopefully she can get over it because while she was calling Amanda a whore to me I'm thinking gee, she probably thinks the same thing about me because I wasn't married when I got pregnant either. But yet its okay that Todd (Amanda's youngest brother) has not only one baby mama but two and has two kids from each of them and he started at 17 having babies. Yet, Kelly doesn't have a problem with that. Hypocrite is such an ugly word but I don't see any difference in a boy getting a girl pregnant and not being a slut than a girl getting pregnant and being one. A slut is a slut no matter boy or girl. :( My family is broken. I'm just glad that Dad isn't aware right now. This is one time that dementia is good for him.
P.S. Cheryl told me that when she finally woke up in recovery she was on the floor and heard the doctor say well, lets call it. The nurse said wait she's back. She said where she was before she came too was an oblivion and nice and quiet. I told her of course since it wasn't her time to go. She said she was pissed they pulled her out of there. As of Sunday, April 10th, she's doing much better. She's maybe 50% right now and has home healthcare coming to take care of her wound so hopefully she's mending like she needs too. She goes back for a follow up on Wednesday.

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