Monday, April 11, 2011

Insomnia I hate you!

I had about an hour's sleep last night. I wouldn't let myself get out of bed though because I kept thinking that if I could calm my mind down I'd be asleep before I'd know it. No luck though. This whole stupidness with my sister and niece kept going through my head and worrying about my other sisters health didn't help either. I want to patch everything up but I really think that its up to my sister to make amends. The whole trouble with that is she works with my other sister and the niece in question so I'm sure its going to be a long feud. I'm sick at the thought of never getting to see them again. When Cheryl first got sick she called and was griping about how much Cheryl and Amanda miss work and how bad it makes her look. Really?! It's crazy that she thinks that way. She must be very insecure about her job to think what they do will reflect back on her doing her own job. I used to work for the same company and they don't judge people and how they do their jobs based on the people they're related to there. My sister Kelly is just a huge drama queen and if its not all about her then its just wrong. @@


  1. ugh, I totally get the insomnia. I torture myself trying to quiet my mind and then silently reprimanding myself for allowing my brain to dredge up issues from the past. what a painful process :(

  2. Thanks again Diane. The past I've pretty much let go of until Kelly called Friday night freaking out about Amanda and how she'll look at work and how she's tired of taking care of ya'lls lazy asses. I told her bye on that last line and hung up. I don't know why she'd thought I'd side with her on Amanda's pregnancy because I got pg out of wedlock too so if my niece is a whore so am I. I just got lucky that I have a stand up guy. It could have really gone wrong especially with Chris being 10 years younger than me.