Saturday, April 25, 2009

Money Sucks!

or should I say not having money sucks! I've paid everything I could. We have food. Yet, I'm still worrying about what I couldn't pay. I need to be worrying cause Chris just says don't worry. Yeah, right. He's the one that went on and on last payday about how we have to get new tires, an all wheel alignment and an oil change this payday. It did't happen and its not going to happen this next payday either. When I mentioned getting more on our title loan that we almost have paid off he went off on me how we don't need it. His driving partner might be back on May 17th but I really doubt it and even if he does make it back that doesn't take care of the struggles we're going through right now. It's not his bills that aren't getting paid either. Its my little ones for the book club and fingerhut that are behind. Stuff I ordered back when I thought we'd be having the paydays we were having. I don't care what Chris says I really think his driving partner is just stretching out his ear condition. A little kid who ruptures his ear wouldn't miss 6 weeks of school. I hate men who are big babies. Okay, through whining. I needed to get it off my chest and not hear don't worry about it. Off to cry.......

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