Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedding Bells

We went to a family friends wedding this afternoon. It was so beautiful and so much fun. I didn't get hardly any pictures of the wedding but I did get a few along the way at least. Here's a new one of Chris and I. I hated that I wore solid black but at least it was a comfortable dress. My sister Cheryl and I had to keep up with our nephew Phillip since Mom was the matron of honor and Dad was an usher. He slept through the entire wedding until the end when everyone clapped. Then we headed to the reception and had a really good time there too. My kids stayed with my Mom, Dad and brother Patrick so we really got to have some adult fun without the distraction of kids. It's been a long, long, long time since we've gotten out without them. I didn't get to dance with Chris but I got up with both of my sisters and did the YMCA and the bump. LOL, then I had to sit down of course. I shouldn't have danced because I pulled my book a little bit. Oh well, it was totally worth it. I'll keep reminding myself of that tomorrow when I have to pop some Ibuprofen. LOL.

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