Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well then

Chris's team driver partner is going to be out another week. I understand he's sick. He's got an ear infection. He told Chris this morning that he can't get into the ear doctor til May 13th. I don't think so. It's all to convenient to me how this is working out for him. Weird how my kids only miss a couple of days from school when they'd have them. Funny how he just declared bankruptcy but is able to be out sick and its considered a work injury because right before his ear ruptured they had made a trip through the mountains. I really think he wanted to take off of work to be with his wife who just had surgery to put a stent in her heart a few weeks ago. Convenient for him also because she's having kidney stones removed this week too. I hate being shallow about it all but he pulls this kind of crap almost every year. It never ends up hurting his wallet but it sure plays with ours. I keep telling Chris we won't survive this time but he seems to think 10 hours a day will work out great. Every time we start to get ahead we get crap like this happening. It felt so good being able to pay all the bills and not finagle them around. Now I'm back to finagling again. Guess I'll have to find even cheaper stuff to eat too. That's about the only extra I've been spending lately is at the grocery store. The really bad thing is I have to take him back and forth to work because we only have one car. That's really going to cut into our money with all that gas we'll have to use. If I didn't have kids I'd just send him to work and not worry about having a car. Oh well......


  1. Yeah, that sounds fishy to me. You can always see a doctor ASAP for a sick visit.
    I'm sorry y'all are going through this!

  2. Thanks Cyndy. Latest news is he's out for another 3 weeks cause his ear ruptured really bad. At least Chris is definitely out for a full week next week. As long as he can get this kind of schedule we'll make it. It's when he works just 10 hours a day that it doesn't pay enough.