Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doctor, Doctor

I love my doctor. She's fantastic and has never steered me wrong on anything. She became part of our family when Jessie was a year old so we've been seeing her for 10 years now. I know its weird to say she's part of the family but since she sees all 4 of us and is a family practitioner we consider her ours. LOL. Of course in our family anybody we like becomes part of our family. One reason I like her is that when we first met her she was very pregnant with her second child. We just barely got to see her before she was on maternity leave but that's okay cause we were all healthy back then. The other reason is that she's only a couple of years younger than me and her kids are right behind my two in age also. So when I go in there and say hey Jessie is this or Nicky is that she knows exactly what I mean. Now she knows I know what some stuff is so all I have to do is just call in and ask for something and she will prescribe it for me usually. Of course the most I've ever asked for is ear ache medicine and maybe antibiotics for an ear infection. She's very easy going when you go to see her too. Now I finally convinced my sister Cheryl she needed a family doctor instead of going to the ER or one of the walk in clinics and got her to go and see our doctor. She liked her a lot and the doctor thought that my sister was me for a minute. Cheryl said she was in the hallway getting weighed and blood pressured when a lady walked by and said hey girl to her. Cheryl said she thought it was just a very friendly place. Then the doctor went into the room and asked her if she knew she had a twin? LOL. We've gotten that a lot since Cheryl was about 20 or so. I can see similarities but I sure don't see twinness when I look at her. So anyway she got her initial visit over and liked the doctor. She goes back for a chick test in August and the doctor wants fasting blood work from her too since we're all diabetic and have a few things in family history that would show up too. She'll just have to go in anytime that's good for her and just do lab work not a visit. Oh and she said she's going to do an EKG on Cheryl too and wondered to her if she had done one on me yet. I guess when I go back for my next visit I'll get asked that one. LOL.

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