Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We had a good day yesterday with my Dad. I came into my Dad's room after everybody else but my sister Cheryl said that his face just lit up that we were all there. Even my brother Terry made it and brought his partner Jack. We had never met Jack but he's a good fit for the family and for Terry for sure. He's older by about 10 years than my brother but from seeing him yesterday he's exactly what my brother needs. I'm just glad that my brother is settling down and allowing himself to love and be loved. He never had any kind of relationship when his kids were growing up and he was a single Dad so its about time. We stayed with my Dad for about 2 hours. He doesn't walk at all anymore and my Mom said that he's been in his bed the last two times now that she's been up there to see him. That's not good but it's to be expected. The only thing that ruined my day was when I looked at all the pictures I took and the one I wanted the most to turn out well was horrible. I'm so disappointed and I'm really mad at my nephew John since he took it. He was playing around with the camera and being goofy so I knew I should have had somebody else take the picture. The picture in my header of my brothers, sisters and I is the only one of two pictures that we have of us all together where my sister Kelly is not a baby. I had wanted a new picture of all five of us but nope it didn't happen. My brother Patrick's face is half blocked behind my sister Kelly's head and John never even said a word. I should have looked better at the pictures but because I have the older Kodak digital camera the display area is small so I couldn't tell that his face was blocked. John was looking at us though so he should have said something. I hope my brother Terry will be able to get down again and we all get another one made soon. It was before Christmas last year since the last time we saw him so I just hope its not another 6 months. :( Yeah I know I'm being stupid about it but I just love my pictures so much and wanted this one that badly.

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  1. Glad you had a nice day with your dad and that stinks about the picture!! Hopefully it won't be as long between visits.