Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visiting My Dad

I haven't gotten to go and see my Dad in a while. With school ending and year end things going on there and then not feeling well and getting strep the month of May and first half June just slipped by me. I'm going to take the kids up Friday evening hopefully to see him. I need to wait for my sister to get off of work though because for some weird reason my Dad gets upset when I'm there and she's not with me. My Mom will be there of course but I'd like a good visit again since its been a long time. We have to go on Friday evening because Chris will not probably get home until late, late Friday or early Saturday morning. That just leaves him having one whole day off and that's Father's day on Sunday and with all I have to do to get him back ready for work on Monday I need Sunday for that. Also, he'll be driving in home so that means he'll need to sleep when he first gets in. He wants to go to the movies to see Shrek on Saturday but I don't want him going on no sleep even though he says it'll be fine. I'm thinking we'll just spend Friday at my Mom's and I'll leave the kids sleeping there with them and bring Chris home and sleep a while and then go all the way back to my Mom's after he sleeps and we can see the movie at the theater there. After the movies he wants to go to Ft. Hood to spend the gift certificate they gave him for 10 years of service at work. I have no idea what he'll get but its for $200 so we'll see what he does. Will he be selfish and just spend it on himself or will we get a new TV for the livingroom? LOL. We'll see what happens on Saturday. I told him wasn't it nice that work thinks he's worth $20 a year to them? Breaking it down doesn't make it seem like so much but I never got anything for 10 years of working (when I worked) so its a whole lot better than nothing. Okay so I planned the end of the week and weekend. Let's hope my plans don't go awry. They usually do so that's why I don't plan ahead too much.


  1. I haven't seen my dad in a while too. And too bad i'm not going to be with him on Fathers Day..:(

    Your plan almost makes me envious..:) Have a great time Karen.
    God Bless!!