Friday, June 18, 2010

Plans Changed

Well, my plans got changed. Chris isn't going to make it in until Sunday morning sometime. At least he'll make it in for Father's Day. He'll just be in on Sunday and Monday and have to head back out on Tuesday. So my plans to see my Dad today are changed til tomorrow but that's okay. We'll go and see him earlier in the day and hopefully he'll be up for a good long visit. I found him a Father's Day shirt to give him. It says 'This is how a cool Dad looks'. Its a tradition for me to always give him a Tshirt for Father's Day and he always liked them too. The kids are going up to see him this time too. My sister Cheryl said that he's very skinny looking but still I want them to see him cause you just don't ever know what might happen. Besides it'll make him happy to see them too. Chris is going to make out like a bandit this Father's day. I had already given him a tshirt and 3 books for it. It was two Star Wars books -Omen and Outcast- and then the 1st book in a series that he's starting to read called Amber & Ashes by Margaret Weis. He had already found the 2nd and 3rd at a truckstop. They're Amber & Iron and Amber & Blood and it seems like it'll be a series I like too. It's part of the Dragonlance storyline but separate if that makes sense. We went to the Russell Stover factor outlet store in Corsicana yesterday. I remember why I don't go there very often anymore now that I spent $83 there. LOL. We got Chris a nice plaque to hang on the wall from his favorite college team. Hook 'em Horns! The plaque reads....A Texas fan lives here and has the horns icon and UT symbol on it and of course lots of burnt orange color on it. That's from Jessie. Nicky picked out a black coffee mug with the word Texas on it with their version of orange M&M's in it. I got him two huge Smore's candies the make there also. This morning at Walmart I picked up his Father's Day Tshirt too. His says Dad Rocks and has an electric guitar on it and also got him two bags of Lifesaver Gummies cause they're his favorite. He'll be having his favorite dinner Sunday night too. Spaghetti. He can never get enough of it but I get tired of it so I don't cook it very often for him. We plan to get to the movies on Monday to see Shrek and then to AAFES for him to spend his gift certificate after that. That's about all of our weekend plans now so lets see if they work out.

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