Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Weekend Visit

Took my Mom and sister Cheryl up to see my Dad today. It was a pretty good visit. He was in a much better mood than last time and not in any pain this time either. We got to have almost a 2 hour visit with him today. He's getting skinnier still. I could really tell it in his right arm today. Also, they have him on a catheter now. The quilt is a little throw that someone gave him. I'm thinking probably some ladies organization makes them for the Vets. There's a brown piece of fabric with tiny flowers on there that matches one of the aprons that my Granny (his mother) made and used when she was alive. My sister Kelly has it but its a little comfort knowing he has something that might remind him of his mother. In fact the quilt looks a lot like something she would have made herself too. We left right before lunch because he was falling asleep on us. I told him when we left to be good but if he couldn't be good to have fun...or as he used to tell good but if you can't name it after me. That gave him a big chuckle.

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