Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Reunion

Our family reunion on my Mom's side is this weekend. I'm so excited. I feel just like a kid waiting for Christmas to get here. It's been about 3 years since our last reunion and that one while fun really wasn't a great one. My Dad refused to go to the park or hang out at the motel where everyone was staying. I know now of course that it was the start of his dementia but back then we didn't realize it. We had a couple of cousins whose kids (adult kids) decided drinking and getting drunk was the thing to do. We found out after the fact that one of the 2nd cousins that was drunk griped out my sister Kelly about her treatment of another 2nd cousin. Now remember these people are all adults and the thing that went on with the way Kelly treated that other cousin was about him squirting her in the face with water. All she did was make him go to her car at the park and get her makeup for her. Ooohwee, that sure hurt him didn't it? Well anyway that 2nd cousin will be at the reunion but not the one that griped her out. Thank goodness cause Kelly and her husband and baby weren't going to go since he was supposed to have been there. Her husband wanted to go no matter what and just told Kelly to ignore that 2nd cousin but she's stubborn but no worry now since he won't be there. Also the cousin whose adult kids caused all the drinking commotion has it in her head that it was other peoples adult kids who did it. She's clueless and her kids can do no wrong. Yeah right. I love this cousin dearly but the real reason she's not coming is because she's on the outs with one of her sisters and I guess she just can't ignore her either like Kelly couldn't ignore this cousins son that griped at her 3 years ago. I understand but I just don't want all the family infighting to ruin this reunion for my Mom. She doesn't have much to look forward to lately. She cried at Thanksgiving, Christmas and on the littlest grandson's 1st birthday because my Dad couldn't be there. I know she'll cry this weekend too but I'm hoping there'll be enough distraction that she'll let herself enjoy it all. We'll see I guess. My brother Patrick found this picture of the 7 dwarfs on the internet and I mocked it up for the reunion. I made copies for the Aunts and Uncles and my sister Cheryl is going to put it in frames to give to them. I wish my brother would have found it earlier and we could have made family shirts for our immediate family to wear there. What's cool is the Aunt or Uncle whom the name belongs to matches their personalities. That's what we think anyway. See picture above.


  1. ugh, family drama! life is too short to spend any of it mad at people you should be loving.

    have a great time!!

  2. Exactly Diane! My Mom has 6 siblings so there's lots and lots of family drama there too. LOL.