Friday, April 16, 2010

First Line Friday

My friend Kathy loves books and bags and Bon Jovi. Not in that order necessarily but she has a love for first lines and came up with the idea for First Line Friday. You can find her here

First lines have always intrigued me since I heard an author say that writing the first sentence is, by far, the most difficult part of writing a novel. The reasoning was that a first sentence can make the reader continue reading or cause the book to be tossed aside. So, go to your To Be Read Pile, choose as many books as you want and share the first line. Be sure to include the title and author so that if your reader also finds it intriguing, they can find the book. Also, share your thoughts about the first line. Does it draw you in? Is it...exciting...thought provoking...scary...funny?
The book today is a highly recommended author. From Kathy as well as a half dozen other women I know. We used to post on an aol message board with her from time to time and I know she dedicated one of her books to the women on the board but I wasn't there at that time I think. She has a couple of monikers she uses. As Wendy Corsi Staub she writes Thrillers and Mysteries and Young Adult Books. As Wendy Markham she writes Women's Fiction. Today's book is a Wendy Markham book. It's called If Only in my Dreams. It's a time travel book and I found it on Again another book website that is a must in my life. I stumbled across her new book about these characters (The Best Gift) but before getting it I wanted to read the first book first of course. I couldn't find it at my local library so hence going to paperbackswap to find it. I've read several of Wendy's books and have loved all of them. Her characterization is always well written and she does have a way with twists which is another thing I love about her writing. Okay enough's the first line........Okay again I have another book that has a prologue so I'll do that first line and the first line of Chapter 1 also. Here's the prologue first line.........
Thanksgiving, 1941
Glenhaven Park, Westchester County, New York
"This was Glenn Miller and his Orchestra with his newest hit record, 'Chattanooga Choo Choo.'And now, before the latest news from Europe, a word from our sponsor, Lifebouy."
First off I love time travel books. I can't get enough of them in Sci-Fi and then to have one written in a romance setting is also a fave of mine. I loved the Time Traveler's Wife (book and movie both) and can't wait to get into this book. Its set during World War 2 so I can tell already its going to be a heartbreaking romance of some kind. Now heres Chapter 1's first line........
The Present
New York City
Okay so I know from the synopsis what to expect from this one word and its definitely not good. I think even not knowing the synopsis or anything about the author or her writing style I definitely would have picked this book up just from that first line one word start. It makes you think is it something medical or emotional or both? I know I'm going to love this book and I've got to start looking for the sequel too. I haven't read anything of Wendy's in a long time and I'm looking forward to a nice long read. Wish the book was thicker this time though. LOL.


  1. Too funny that you chose this book! It's sitting in the box I need to send you!

  2. I didn't get to cancel it Kathy. I went there after chatting with you in email about it and it was already sent to me. Sorry I forgot to tell you but at least you didn't get it sent yet. It's even better than I thought it'd be and I'm about half way through. How did you like it?