Friday, April 2, 2010

New Reads, A Site Recommend and a Blog Award

My friend Kathy (find her here gave me a really lovely blog award today. Thank you Kathy. She got it from Carin at This award is passed on to bloggers who are kind-hearted individuals. These bloggers regularly leave comments, answer questions, offer support, and in general are superbly kind! The blogs that these lovely individuals write are resourceful, knowledgeable, and just plain awesome! For a new blogger, these people are invaluable. I really appreciate the thought that Kathy put into passing this award on to me. I'll be passing it forward myself in a few days.
Now as to new reads Kathy posted about a wonderful author named Simon Brett and her favorite series of mystery books he writes involving Charles Paris, a down and out actor who has only small parts in productions but the starring role in these mysteries. She can really sell a book to read. LOL. I went to and found out that there are a few of his earliest books on there son I grabbed book one - Cast in Order of Disappearance and book two - So Much Blood from there. I love It's my favorite book trading spot on the web. I've only had one bad experience there and it was on my end. A man requested a really old, old science fiction paperback and since it was actually very small I had put it into a large envelope and didn't check it out before I sent it to him. I also sent him the companion book to it free without getting the extra credit for it. Well come to find out the book he requested was falling apart. He demanded I refund his credit which I would have done without his demanding but he never thanked me for the extra book or even suggested sending it back to me either. I understand some people collect books and want them in great condition but you don't go to a site like paperbackswap and expect a paperback book that was almost 20 years old and very well read to be in excellent condition. Anyway that's the only really bad experience I've had there. Oh wait I had someone complain about the wrapping getting torn up by the post office. How that was my fault I have no idea. The book was fine and there was no damage to it so I still can't figure out how it was my fault. LOL.

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  1. congratulations on the award! and thanks for the recommendation :)