Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I went back to bed after the kids left for school and I had one of our family prophetic dreams. It was a nice dream til I woke up. I dreamt I slept with Willie Nelson (I know.....eeeeewwww) but he's always played an important part of family lore. Anyway I got pregnant and went to tell him and talked to his extended family about how my Granny knew Willie's Mama and was really close to her and kept up with Willie over the years til she died. So when I woke up I was sort of okay with the dream because I didn't think it had all the parts that was needed to be prophetic for us. When you dream your pregnant it means a death is coming but only if you have all the parts to it. Depending on who is pregnant is who it portends to and you have to dream about someone else in the family who has already passed on. Well I thought I only dreamt that I got pregnant by Willie Nelson so it just means somebody is going to be really sick especially since I only talked about my Granny to his extended family but no I realized I did see her in the dream and she had a huge smile on her face. She looked so happy. She was in the background of the crowd so hopefully that means it'll be a while before anything happens. I'm worried because of my Dad's condition of course but I haven't mentioned anything lately about my brother Patrick. A couple of years ago he was in the hospital with a bad staph infection that ate part of his back bone. Now he's having that pain again and the doctor wants him to have a T11 and 12 bone biopsy done if its possible. Nobody has called him back about it yet and that really worries me even more. I guess its not possible. He goes back to the doctor on the 12th so maybe they'll be able to tell him what's what then. He definitely has something bad going on we just don't know what exactly. My biggest fear for him is cancer especially since our younger brother told us he went through prostrate cancer this past year. He survived thank God. It's weird what you do to be mad at family but what it takes someone going through to get over being mad is even weirder. Okay, I'm through rambling but what it boils down to is it was a prophetic dream like what we have in our family and it will be a close family member this time.


  1. ((HUGS)) for you Karen. I hope all turns out well with your brother's test and with your dream as well.

  2. Thanks Diane. I know we're weird about them but it actually does give some comfort to see the relatives that have passed on and know that they are there waiting for the next loved one to get there. Hope that makes sense.