Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had the family over for Easter today. Just my Mom, brother Patrick, sister Cheryl and nephew Todd with his fiancee and new baby. It was a nice day. They were here for about 6 hours and I think my Mom spent most of the time holding the baby. I think it really helped her make it through the holiday without my Dad. This is my favorite new picture of her now.


  1. I love this picture, Karen. She looks perfectly happy holding that little bundle of love :)

  2. Thanks Diane. She was very happy to see him. His Daddy has 2 other kids but we've never seen them and the Mom won't let my nephew see them either. She wants him to pay child support but not have any rights to the kids and refuses to let them have his last name. It's really complicated and unfortunately its only the little boys missing out. I don't know why she won't at least let my Mom see them sometimes. So in the end its like Wyatt is our firt great grandson/nephew even though he has 2 older brothers aged 3 and 2.