Monday, April 26, 2010

Reunion Fun

We had a pretty good time. We didn't go and see my Dad before we left because he had physical therapy that morning and he's usually pretty tired and grumpy after. We got down to Brenham about 11:00 and went and checked in the motel. The reservations were all screwed up. They took one of my rooms and gave it to somebody for two nights and we weren't anywhere near my Mom's siblings at all. Hopefully next years won't end up that way. We'll see....

We had to wait til 2:00 before we could get into the room so we went to my Uncle Johnnie's house since he lives in town. I had already told Chris that we would be going to the Blue Bell ice cream tour so we didn't stay very long there. My Mom and brother and sister did but not us. We had a good visit with my aunt and uncle though before we went. They hosted a hot dog and all the fixin's supper that night but I had already told my aunt we wouldn't be there cause I was stove up from just the ride down there and would just rest at the motel that night. We went on the tour of Blue Bell and it was just as interesting as it was 20 years ago when I went with a bunch of family at another reunion we had there. We got to the end of the tour and I missed the last step and fell really hard. Lucky me nothing was broken but my pride. I was definitely hurting after that for sure. I was able to twist myself when I started falling so I didn't fall on my face at least. Anyway, we got our free ice cream at the end of the tour. I got a taste of the Southern Blackberry Cobbler and it was really good. A little sweet for my taste believe it or not. I got as my scoop though Nutty Chocolate. A rich chocolate ice cream loaded with milk chocolate-coated pecans, dark chocolate-coated peanuts, white chocolate-coated almonds and roasted walnuts is the description on the website. Boy oh boy, I think its my new favorite. Chris and Nicky both got the Mint Chocolate Chip and Jessie got Dutch Chocolate. If they ever try a new flavor I'll be very surprised. LOL. We got back to the motel after that and saw everybody that was slowly trickling in as the night went by. Chris, my brother Patrick and I went to a steakhouse we found in Brenham for dinner that night and it was really delicious and very inexpensive too. I sure didn't want to be in the heat eating hot dogs. Jessie went with Cheryl and my Mom to eat hot dogs with everybody and Nicky stayed at the motel. They had free wifi and Chris brought his laptop so Nicky was in heaven and just requested pizza for dinner. We had a good time visiting with everybody but I was so stiff and sore from falling and from the car ride that I had to take ibuprofen to help me sleep that night.

Saturday I woke up about 6. That's what happens when I fall asleep too early and I guess even 10:00 was too early Friday night for me. Went to the breakfast room for comp breakfast and all they had was tiny blueberry muffins, coffee, milk, cereal and oj. Donuts came in later and my brother dropped some off for the kids. We got to the park about 9:00 and the day just flew by. There were all kinds of bbq and sandwiches and cakes and pies galore to eat all day. We had some fantastic guacamole made by a friend that came with another relative and I don't think it made it to lunch time. It was really good. They played horseshoes and pig basketball. Chris and my cousin Justin came in 3rd and Nicky came up and told me he wasn't last in basketball. He really enjoyed himself. I turned him loose with my camera and he got some really good shots. Everybody left the park about 3:00 and headed to the motel to swim and drink. Them, not us. I did get to taste some really good margaritas that night but wish I hadn't after the fact. I got sicker than a dog in the middle of the night and narrowed it down to the margaritas. They were good and I really wished they were popsicles. I just wanted to keep the flavor in my mouth. Turns out that they were made with Corona Light and Tequila. LOL. The recipe is 2 bottles of corona, a giant minute maid limeade and fill the minute maid can with tequila and a can of fresca or lemon lime soda. I didn't have my own but got a sip from two of my cousins and a couple of gulps from my sister Cheryl's glass. I'm so glad I didn't get more than that because of getting sick but it only lasted a couple of hours at least. That's how I know it wasn't a good ol' virus. That's what happens when you haven't really drank in the last 6 years. Chris and I pretty much watched everybody getting drunk. I think its more fun in the long run staying sober. The twin cousins got angry with their Mom and started calling her on how bad a mother she is/was and I wasn't around for that part. I heard my Mom told one of them off and to grow up but she just walked away from my Mom so who knows if it even got through her head.

Sunday dawned bright and early. Chris and I both got showers and went to the breakfast room for coffee. They had a little more out than they did on Saturday morning. My Uncle Freddie was in there and said he tried to make toast but the toaster didn't work so he had bread and butter. LOL. We had coffee with him and other family members trickled in and out. Freddie was sick most of Saturday. He's a diabetic too and said he just didn't watch his blood sugar that well since Friday and was off his routine but he thought he had a virus of some sort. No he didn't have any margaritas and was sick before they were made. LOL. He probably over exerted himself because he did play horseshoes and basketball both. He said his blood sugar Saturday evening was 127 which isn't too much over normal but knowing him he's probably like my Mom and when its closer to normal she gets really shaky cause she's used to it being high. After that we went back to the room and got the kids to get up and dressed and we got everything packed and loaded into the car. I think it was about 9:00 when we finally left Brenham. We had so much fun that we forgot to check out of the motel and had to turn around and go back and do it. LOL, at least we didn't get very far down the road. It was so good to get home finally. I'm still sore and achy and I think it'll take a week for me to recover from everything but I'd do everything over again in a heartbeat except, of course, the fall and drinking that margarita stuff. LOL. Oh and we found a tiny bluebonnet patch by the motel. Above there's a pic of the kids with my nephew Phillip in them.

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  1. Sounds like you made a lot of amazing memories.