Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Pictures

As important as pictures are to me you'd think I'd have found a bunch of my Mom and Dad with all of 5 of us. But nope. This is the only one I've come across and this was scanned by one of my uncles so its not a good one at all. We have a bunch with the parents and the oldest 3 of us when we were little and then a bunch from when Cheryl came along 6 years after my youngest brother Terry was born but since it was 12 years between Cheryl and Kelly there's hardly any of all of us together. Of course by the time she came along we older 3 were finishing high school and I was already out and working my first job. We were scattered with jobs and school and busy with friends after so it was hard getting us all together at the same time even though we were in the same household still. That and my Dad being an on the road trucker didn't help either. Still at least I have this one badly focused and badly scanned picture. I'm going to ask my uncle that scanned it if he would send it to me so I can scan it too. I'd love to be able to give each of my siblings and Mom a nice print of this one at Christmas.


  1. that would be a great christmas gift! the poorer quality is kinda nostalgic too :)

  2. Yeah it is Diane. I love looking at the old Poloroids my Granddaddy took of us too. They're fading so badly though. On the one I posted the quality is poor on the scan not the actual picture. My uncle posted the preview size on facebook and that's where I stole it from. LOL.